Our Sunday morning service begins at roughly 10:00 AM and finishes at around 11:30 AM. It will usually (but not always!) look like this:

Firstly, we sing two or three songs. This is one way that we show our gratitude and thankfulness towards God, as well as encourage each other. Please don't feel pressured to sing if you don't want to, don't feel comfortable,  or aren't familiar with the songs.

Next, the person managing the service will welcome everyone and make any announcements about what's going on in our church community.

After this, there'll be what we call communion. Someone will share a reflection about what Jesus Christ's death and resurrection means for us.  Anyone present who also loves Jesus is welcome to eat a piece of bread with us and drink some red fruit juice in collective remembrance and thanks to him. If this isn't you, or you don't feel comfortable, please don't feel compelled to join in.

Next is the Children's story. Someone will have prepared a presentation or story especially for the younger children. This is a part of the service that focuses particularly on the kids.

We then take what is called a 'collection' or 'offering'. This is for our church members only. We rely on the financial contribution of our members to pay for our building and amenities, to fund our part-time staff, and to support the Community Service and Not for Profit organisations we help out. We don't want any contributions from visitors and guests and in fact many members now make their contributions via on-line transactions, so don't be surprised to see people passing the collection bowls without putting any money in (and please do likewise).

After this, the younger children go to creche and the older children to Sunday School. Both of these are run by experienced volunteers who have been Police-checked and don't work alone. If you're comfortable with this, please feel free to send your children along to this and introduce yourself to our volunteers. Otherwise, kids are more than welcome to stay in the main hall for the rest of the service.

We then usually sing three songs. After this, we have a five minute time in which anyone can spontaneously contribute a prayer, or reflection, or something that they suspect God is impressing upon them for the encouragement, building-up, or comfort of others. Alternatively, people are free to sit or stand and enjoy some contemplative silence.

Someone will then give a prepared talk  about a passage from the Bible, or on a particular topic (e.g., suffering, how to choose a career, science and Christianity). These talks usually go for 20-25 minutes, and we hope and expect that God will be trying to communicate something to us through this.

To conclude, there will usually be one more song, and then the person managing the service will wrap up. As noted above, this should be by about 11:30.

Afterwards, there are hot drinks available (and sometimes some food). There will also be people at the front of the main hall who would love to pray with (or for) you about absolutely anything.

If you've got any questions about our service format, please send us an email here or phone on 0402341232.