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Matt Bain

Matt has been a member of MCC for about 10 years. He lives in Kingston with his wife and their two young boys and works at a local school. He's particularly interested in working on how the church can further serve the local community and be a signpost to God's great plans for the world. He's also continually trying to be a follower of Christ and point to him in way that's honest, engaging, and jargon-free.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys reading and brewing beer with friends. He also tries to exercise in order to be able to keep up with his sons and counteract the waist expanding effect of the beer.

Helen Williams

Helen has been a member of MCC for about 13 years. She lives in Margate with her husband and young family, and works for a Christian school organisation. Helen’s focus for MCC is the spiritual growth and care and well being of the members of the church and their families. Helen enjoys spending her time with family and friends, playing with her dogs, walking and the water. Her ideal afternoon is a stroll along the dog beach with some of her extended family, followed by the chance to relax, chat and warm up over a cup of coffee.

Tim Bendall

Tim has been a member of MCC since 2007 when Kate, his girlfriend at the time, invited him to her church not long after they started going out. Kate and Tim have been married since 2009 and have strengthened their connection with MCC since then. Tim shares his work life between being a Spatial Scientist and a co-founder of a start-up tech company. Tim and Kate have a son born in mid-2015. Tim is passionate about youth pastorship, music and innovation in church service.

Dave Wrightson

Dave and his wife Annette have been members of MCC since about 2008. Dave enjoys brewing beer, playing card and board games and spending time with his two adult children. He also usually enjoys his job managing a team of allied health professionals working in the disability field. He has recently started being a better husband and takes his wife to the theatre and symphony as often as possible. He has a crazy beard because he can’t be bothered shaving.

Katrina Williams


Jeremy Smith


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