We believe God’s vision for MCC is to Equip and Encourage each other to Serve and Engage Kingborough Collectively and Visibly For Christ.


Equip each other to be Christ’s disciples as we follow him in our lifelong journey.

By developing our gifts to do God’s good works and our biblical and theological understanding.

Encourage our church family to accept, love and inspire each other.

Through active participation in church activities and holistic support.

Serve to become Christ-like servants to our community.

By actively choosing to devote time to the service of others and to modelling a simpler lifestyle.

Engage with our family and friends regarding issues of importance, with humility and authenticity.

By listening, and modelling and sharing our Christian beliefs.

Collectively by recognising that we are all part of the body of Christ and every part is essential to each other.

By being committed to discipling and being discipled by one another.

Visibly as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom we honestly demonstrate our commitment to his teachings.

By promoting Christ through His Church and His ministries in ways that are clear and understandable.

For Christ is our Lord and Saviour who in Faith we love and worship.

By acknowledging our very being and presence in this world both stem from and ultimately reflect on Him.


Download the full Mission Statement here.    [DOC file 35KB]