MCC community life falls into three overlapping and related areas of service that we hope all members will be involved in:

1) Serving God through our Sunday morning gathering

  • as a large extended family

2) Serving the local community
We believe God loves and is interested in the people and place of Kingborough, somewhere most of us also call home.

  • Playgroup for local mums
  • Craft, Coffee, Chat for the creative types
  • Channel Oddjob Team (COT) for practical assistance for those in need
  • Weddings, funerals, infant dedications, and other public events
  • Spiritual Journeys Art Exhibition (part of 2 1/2 Days in Margate festival)

3) Serving each other through meeting in Home Groups and living life together

MCC Identity Statement

Margate Christian Church (MCC) is a church family.
We try to follow Jesus together, across every part of our individual and collective lives.

We’re part of the Christian Community Church network of Victoria and Tasmania (CCCVaT). We value diversity and believe we can benefit from each other’s particular giftings. We encourage each member to identify their giftings and find ways to use those gifts to serve the church and the local community.

We try to be welcoming and seek to make our Sunday services and other events accessible for anybody, regardless of what they think and know of Christianity. We appreciate the roles that people of different ages play in our church, this includes valuing children and encouraging them to be an active presence in our services.

We’re all fallen people; but this just makes it even more important to have a church family that accepts and supports us, and encourages us to grow into the people God would have us be.

We strongly believe that faith and community don’t start and finish on a Sunday morning. Our Sunday service is informal but not irreverent. It helps us prepare for the week ahead where we can share the gospel in our words and actions, both as individuals and with other MCC members.

We aim to be a church family that is honest and down to earth. Life and faith can be complicated, so we don’t have a simplistic take on faith issues. We allow for doubt and mystery, and will take a thoughtful and nuanced position where necessary.

We endeavour to understand our place in the world, and how we can contribute: from local community events to petitioning and fundraising for national or global issues. We support full time overseas missionaries, and participate in short-term mission and aid trips. We think it’s important to contribute to international aid organisations, particularly during times of crisis, and we do so regardless of the beliefs of those affected.

As a church, we’re not obsessed with numbers – either people or finance related. Overall, we want to join God in his mission of extending His Kingdom, and see people follow, love and resemble his Son more and more across every area of life.